6 Ton Battery Operated Dieless Crimping Tool – 902-542

6 Ton Battery Operated Dieless Crimping Tool

Item: 902-542

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  • Dieless design - tool will automatically adjust crimp size up to 500MCM.
  • Micro computer control system automatically detects pressure while crimping.
  • Pressure releases automatically - The tool will stop pressing and release 90% of its force when pressure reaches maximum value.
  • The tool is equipped with a double piston pump which quickly makes contact to the material and then transitions to a slower, high pressure crimp.
  • The crimping head has a 350 degree range of movement in order to gain better acces to tight corners and other difficult working areas.
  • If a deviation from the set operation or a low battery charge is detected then an audible warning and red display flashes.
  • Easy to use one trigger control
    Full squeeze trigger to start working
    Half squeeze to stop applying pressure
    Rlease trigger to return piston to original position
  • Li-ion batteries do not have memory and will not self discharge. Even after long periods of non-operation the tool is always ready to operate. 50% more capacity and shorter charging cycles compared to NiMH batteries.
  • A temperature sensor makes the tool stop working if it reaches 140 degreen ferenheit. It will return to normal working operation once the tool has cooled down.
Technical Data
Crimp RangeUp to 500 MCM
Crimping Force6 Ton
Crimp per charge250 crimps (Cu 300MCM)
Crimping cycle3 - 6 seconds (varies based on cable size)
Capacity3.0 Ah
Charging time2 Hours
packagePlastic Box
Battery2 Batteries
Charger1 Charger
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