375 Lumen Aluminum Flashlight w/ Wrist Strap – UK-F2

375 Lumen Aluminum Flashlight w/ Wrist Strap

Item: UK-F2

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The Unilite UK-F2 is a high powered flashlight with a 375 Lumen output from its high power CREE LED. Comprising of 2 x AA batteries, it has multiple lighting modes. This includes two dim settings, and a 8hz flash for emergency use. IP66 the flashlight is tough and suitable for all conditions. Die cast aluminium housing makes the UK-F2 a solid and dynamic portable light, and the torch weighs only 5.3oz. A push pull speed focus enables the user greater control over the spread of light. It can also help illuminate objects up to 575 ft. away.

Speed Focus
One hand speed focus allows control
over the beam spread.

Convex Lens
A Convex lens helps project the
power from the high performance LED.

One Handed Operation
Compact & light the flashlight
can be operated with one hand.

Aluminium Housing
The flashlight is super tough from
its aluminium housing.

Speed Focus
The flashlight is a solid flashlight built for the hardest of tasks. IP66 the LED torch is fully weatherproof for all conditions meaning greater performance. Power and brightness combine to ensure only the highest specification for the UK-F2.

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