Unilite Products are Here!

Why buy Unilite products?

  • High Powered LED Flashlights
  • Light Weight Durable Housing
  • Greater LED Lighting Controls
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Integrated USB Connectivity
  • Weather, Shock, Dust Resistant


LED Micro Headlight
LG 135 Lumen LED

Rechargeable LED Clip Light
50 Lumen Nichia LED

LED Inspection Pen Light
Aluminum, 220 Lumen SMD LED


LED Headlight
CREE 200 Lumen LED

Submersible Police Flashlight
220 Lumen CREE LED

LED Floating Safety Lantern
300 Lumen LED High-Viz Yellow


Infrared Motion LED Headlight
350 Lumen Luxeon LED

USB Rechargeable Flashlight
1100 Lumen CREE LED

Rechargeable Site Light
3000 Lumen, USB Power Bank


USB Rechargeable Headlight
220 Lumen LG LED

USB Rechargeable Inspection Light
600 Lumen SMD LED

Site Light Tripod
For use with UNI-SLR-3000


Zone 0 Flashlight
140 Lumen CREE LED
Zone 0 – IP67

Zone 0 Headlight
200 Lumen CREE LED
Zone 0 – IP67

Zone 0 Right Angle Flashlight
270 Lumen CREE LED
Zone 0 – IP54


USB Rechargeable Beanie Headlights

Orange Beanie Headlight

Black Beanie Headlight
One size fits all

Yellow Beanie Headlight


We’re Bonkers for Beanies!!

Available Now!


The warm knitted beanie hat features an integrated 150 lumen USB rechargeable LED head torch. The head torch unit can be removed from the beanie and charged on the move from a computer or smartphone charger, and has 4 Samsung SMD LEDs. These LEDs power the light which has a run time from 2.5 hours on high to 6.5 hours on the dim setting. The light has three settings which can be controlled from the front switch, High, Med, Flash. The Beanie hat is ideal for plumbers, electricians, builders, runners, walkers and any tradesmen who are looking to work hands free.

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New Additions to our Hydraulics Line!

Check out these latest additions to our Hydraulic Tools line. Now with more crimping force than we have ever offered before! Contact Sales Support to order yours today!

New Hydraulic Crimpers

12 Ton Battery Operated Crimper

  • High pressure 12 ton crimping force.
  • Micro computer system auto-detects pressure while crimping.
  • The crimping head has a 350 degree range of movement.
  • Works with industry standard 12 Ton U-dies.
  • Includes 10 hex dies AWG 6 – 800 MCM

6 Ton Battery Operated Dieless Crimping Tool

  • Dieless design – will auto adjust crimp size up to 500MCM.
  • Micro computer system auto-detects pressure while crimping.
  • The crimping head has a 350 degree range of movement.
  • 6 Ton crimping force.

6 Ton Hydraulic Dieless Crimping Tool

  • Dieless design – will auto adjust crimp size up to 500MCM.
  • Suitable for crimping tubular cable lugs and connectors.
  • Works with standard and connectors for fine and multi-standed conductors.
  • 6 Ton crimping force.

New Hydraulic Punches

Hydraulic Swivel Head Punch Set

  • Lightweight design, easy one person operation.
  • 7 Ton hydraulic force (10 Gauge Mild Steel)
  • Punching head rotates 360 degrees for flexibility in tight working areas.

Round Knockout Punches Type D:
0.885, 1.115, 1.362, 1.701, 1.951, 2.416 Inches,
7/16 x 3/4″ Draw Stud: 1 pc, 3/4 x 3/4″ Draw Stud: 1 pc,
Spacer: 1 pc, Plastic Storage Container

15 Ton Hydraulic Knockout Punch

  • Easy one person operation
  • 15 Ton Hydraulic Crimp Force
  • Mild steel up to 3.5mm (10 Gauge)
    Can punch Stainless Steel, but Punches wear faster)

  • The head can be respositioned to access just about any work area.

* 3 to 4″ only with optional accessory punch set
6 Pcs Round Knockout Punches: ½” to 2” Conduit
1 Pc Square Knockout Punch: 1.25 x 1.25″
2 Pcs Draw Studs: 3/4” x 3/4″, 7/16” 3/4”, Spacer: 1 pc

Optional Punch Set, 3 Point Punch Style
To be used with 15 Ton Punch Driver Kit (902-545)
Capacity: Mild steel up to 3.5mm (10 Gauge)
(can punch Stainless Steel, but Punches wear faster)
Includes: 1” x 3/4” Draw Stud

Easy To Install RJ45 Connectors Are Here!

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902-548 QuikThru RJ45 Professional Crimp Tool

The QuikThru RJ45 Crimp Tool and QuikThru RJ45 connectors make terminating your network cables a breeze. Simply feed your separated wire pairs through the connector and the guides will hold everything in place. Then with a simple squeeze the tool will crimp on your CAT5 or CAT6 connector and trim off all excess wire.


  • Holes in front for excess wire passthrough and EASY sorting
  • 3 prong, 50µ gold contacts – the best!
  • Works on solid and stranded wire

QuikThru RJ45 Connectors

Model # Qty Description
902-549-50 50 CAT5/5e Unshielded Connector
902-549-100 100 CAT5/5e Unshielded Connector
902-550-50 50 CAT6 Unshielded Connector
902-550-100 100 CAT6 Unshielded Connector
902-551-10 10 CAT6 Internal Shielded Connector
902-551-50 50 CAT6 Internal Shielded Connector

The Eclipse QuikThru system is in no way affiliated or associated with the EZ-RJ45 system. EZ-RJ45® is a registered trademark of Sullstar Technologies, Inc.

Bulk Quantities Available – Qty 500 or higher, increments of 100 pcs
Contact Sales Support for ordering information.