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902-548 QuikThru RJ45 Professional Crimp Tool

The QuikThru RJ45 Crimp Tool and QuikThru RJ45 connectors make terminating your network cables a breeze. Simply feed your separated wire pairs through the connector and the guides will hold everything in place. Then with a simple squeeze the tool will crimp on your CAT5 or CAT6 connector and trim off all excess wire.


  • Holes in front for excess wire passthrough and EASY sorting
  • 3 prong, 50µ gold contacts – the best!
  • Works on solid and stranded wire

QuikThru RJ45 Connectors

Model # Qty Description
902-549-50 50 CAT5/5e Unshielded Connector
902-549-100 100 CAT5/5e Unshielded Connector
902-550-50 50 CAT6 Unshielded Connector
902-550-100 100 CAT6 Unshielded Connector
902-551-10 10 CAT6 Internal Shielded Connector
902-551-50 50 CAT6 Internal Shielded Connector

The Eclipse QuikThru system is in no way affiliated or associated with the EZ-RJ45 system. EZ-RJ45® is a registered trademark of Sullstar Technologies, Inc.

Bulk Quantities Available – Qty 500 or higher, increments of 100 pcs
Contact Sales Support for ordering information.